ArtMachine Classes in January!

Here is some information on two new kids classes beginning in January. If the class you are interested in is full, please ask to be added to our email list. Email me: artmachinestudios at gmail dot com.

**If you subscribe to my ArtMachine Studios Newsletter please note that the Encaustic for Kids class has been moved to Wednesday at the same time. **

This year I'm changing the model of classes to offer more technique based classes. I realized that so many of my students are already confident artists and what they really loved were chances to explore media and new techniques. So, to that end I have reduced the time spend on art history and basic art ideas, and increased the technique exploration opportunities. 

The format is also changing a bit, instead of an on going class that you can jump into at any time I'll be offering shorter blocks of classes on specific techniques. Each class will go for 5 weeks. When the 5 weeks are over I will start two new classes in a different technique. You can sign up again if your child is interested in the next class subject, or take a break for those 5 weeks.

Classes for the 5-8 age range will always be on Tuesdays, 8-12 year olds will always have class on Wednesdays. Classes will always be from 4-5:15.

Tuesday Class -Mixed Media Exploration: THIS CLASS IS FULL 
Tuesday afternoons for 5 weeks starting January 25th and going to February 22nd.
4pm - 5:15pm
All kinds of 2-D mixed media techniques with a heavy emphasis on collage. We will be using lots of papers, encaustic (wax), acrylic paints, coloed pencils, markets, etc... We will work on paper, wood, and canvas. 
Age: 5-8
$100 plus $25 supply fee per student. 
5 spots available only
Class located @ Golden Belt Studio 103
Sign up here: Registration form (this link is closed)

Wednesday Class- Encuastic for Kids: (The only encaustic class for kids in the area!)
Thursday afternoons for 5 weeks starting January 26th and going to February 23rd, no class on February 16th.
Basic encaustic (painting with wax) techniques including, painting, carving, embedding, collage, and drawing into wax. We will work on wood panel. 
Age: 8-12
$120 plus $50 supply fee per student
Students must be able to respond well to instruction, have good attention skills, and be able to be responsible with hot items and heating tools. Please make sure you child is prepared to work slowly carefully with items that could be dangerous if not handled in the right way. We will work with wax at 150 degrees and use a heat gun (highly supervised). 
5 spots available only        
Class located @Golden Belt Studio 103
Sign up here: Registration form

If you would like to register for a class follow the registration link under the description for each class. Once I have received your registration information I will send you a pay-pal invoice for the amount of the classes. Once you have paid for you classes you are officially signed up and no one can take you spot.

If you don’t have a pay-pal account it is very easy and quick to set one up. If you have concerns about paying by pay-pal please contact me to talk about it.

Classes are filled first come first served. Please contact me to be added to the waiting list if the class you are interested in is full.

Golden Belt:
Golden Belt Studios is a large studio complex east of downtown Durham. Over 40 artists are currently working at Golden Belt and it is a great creative environment for your kids to learn in. 

Please make them aware that because other artist will be working in neighboring studios while we are holding classes, they will be expected to work calmly and quietly just as they would in their classroom at school. For directions and more information please follow this link to the Golden Belt website: Golden Belt.