New work!

My studio pretty much always looks this crazy these days! 

The internet connecting in our house has decided it wants to live in the stone age, so I'm way behind on anything that happens online. But I'm taking a few moments, while at a coffee shop catching up, to post some pictures of new work completed and in progress.

I'm excited about starting to work more sculpturally again. If I can ever find the time, I have ideas for large pieces along these lines. I've also been obsessively collecting old pieces of wood, as I'm in love with the way it looks against the wax. I sort of want to cover an entire wall of my studio with old wood and wax!

Here is a little peek at what's been going on.....

I've been doing some simple drawings of organic forms to try brainstorm ways that sculptural work can take on similar forms. It's been a great exercise. 

These are all done on watercolor paper that I  used to make mono-prints. I love the smokey, watery colors against the tight and clean drawings. 

The drawing is done with colored pencil and my favorite gold paint pen. 

This one has some red thread sewn into the drawing. 
These are some of the pieces that have come out of the drawing exercise above. I have plans for at least 3 more of these 16x20 pieces. I'm enjoying working with naturally bleached beeswax. The milky skin color is perfect for these piece which are about the body, fragility and containers.
The color in these is made by applying oil paint into places that have been incised. The 3-D elements are cast paper forms that I've been creating using glass medical vials and test tubes as my molds. 

These are two door lintels pulled from an old home. I'm planning on using a little wax in the crevice to attach the paper forms. I'm also thinking of adding some gold leaf to this to play up the rough and decaying texture of the old door frames against the clean and bright gold. My favorite things about this piece are all the rusted nails in the top and bottom. 

This pair of diptychs started me using the old wood without covering it with any wax. I really like how it breathes out the dense color and texture of the wax panel. 

These 6x6 collages are the beginning of a collaborative project that will soon be announced! 

I created this commissioned gold leaf and acrylic piece for a couple who asked me to design/decorate several spaces for their wedding.  It is 20X42 on a wood panel with a 2" cradle.