Artist Statement


My work is primarily about memory, innocence and the mundane. In a world where visual stimuli barrages us at every turn, my hope is to offer a quiet breath, a small moment to reflect on things that seem simultaneously mysterious and familiar. My initial process involves paying attention to people and the things that engage their interior lives. I try to marshal these observations and use them to inform the creation of images and objects that feel like home—like something that you remember from a day far in the past. Old pieces of wood, wax and paper, ephemeral colors and line drawings, these materials combine to make work that evokes this sense of homelike recognition. My desire, in that light, is to offer viewers a chance to consider the beauty of common things: a piece of paper, a strip of peeling paint, the shape of a human cell, the moment when you first wear new red shoes. These are the moments that we miss when we try to take in all that is offered to us in every minute of our frenetic world. The art of being slow and really looking at things is difficult. It requires careful cultivation. My hope is that the work I make provides a fertile environment for just that kind of experience.