On Going Goings On

Sand Dunes at #2 beach, Cape Hatteras National Shoreline

Last week my parents came to town and we visited the Outer Banks. It was glorious and calm and beautiful. I collected sea shells, stuffed myself with fresh seafood, and felt like a kid walking with my barefeet in the soft, warm sand.

A Pier in Nags Head

The clean, long Nags Head Beach

Right before the visit, David and I flew to Texas to attend the wedding of a dear friend. It was fun and strange to be in Texas. We ate Tex-Mex three times, played with some of our nieces and nephews, had mad, fast, catch-up conversations with family, and hugged a lot of lovely people that we miss.

Ready for take-off

Now we are back, and life is swirling. A big thanks to all of you who suggested names for my art classes. I have decided to go with ArtMachine Studios (thanks Leslie!) It's simple, and memorable, and playful. The new website can be found at: www.artmachinestudios.net. Right now I just have a temporary page up, but early next week it will be filled out with class information, fun links, my ideas on teaching, and lots more. David wrote a fun and very kind blog about it here. If you know anyone in the Durham or Chapel Hill area that would be interested, please feel free to tell them all about it. I can't wait to meet my new students!

My flickr page has also been updated with images of my new series. I am posting two blogs tonight. This little update, and a blog about a piece in the new series. I always love learning about what is going on inside an artist's mind when they are making work; it helps me enter in to their world. Hopefully this next blog will help you enter into mine. I really enjoyed making these new pieces, so I hope you enjoy hearing about them.

Have a lovely week!


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