A Pictoral Birthday Report

Well, I am woefully behind on every form of communication these days. Starting your own business a pretty demanding task I tell ya! But, I did have time to have a birthday and it was quite a wonderful one. I felt positively run over by love and cheers and sweet cards and notes and gifts. It was kind of a birthday week as things trickled in, and I relished each day full of its own surprises. A BIG thank you for all my dear friends and family who loved on me. I feel very cared for and supported. Here are some pictures of the birthday festivities.

A gorgeous old book in its new home.

A new favorite piece of art work - A human heart with flowers drawn/painted on quilted fabric! Love!

3 Beautiful new icons. One for the dining room, one for the bedroom, one to live above my desk in the studio.

Some super fun gifts.

Some of my new books! So much to learn and read. I am so excited.

Other pieces of visual wonderfulness to inspire me.

The writing on this card is equal to about $1000 in the bank of phaedra's heart.

Cheery birthday cards!

These packages came wrapped in my favorite color combination.

This is a super creative Korean birthday tradition. I loved it!

This city of mushrooms captured my fancy on a walk with David.

Look at this crazy seed/berry/pod thing!

Assorted Fungi to delight my eye.

These birthday flowers from David lasted until yesterday! They smelled amazing. Looking at them from above was like looking onto some crazy-beautiful planetary landscape.

A fig tart with cardamon frangipane, pomegranates and a graham crust! So amazing!

A beautiful story with equally beautiful illustrations.

Wrapping to delight my eyes.

Dinner at Sitar: lamb korma, vegetable fritters, chicken saag, lentil dosai.

Coffee, mandelhornchen, cards and journaling at Gugelhupf.

Indian deserts at Sitar.

Wow, I ended up with quite a lot of pictures. I had so many lovely things happen I just could not decide which to include. I'm off to plan an art lesson, make some muffins, put a chicken in the oven, and try to ignore the gloomy rainy day . I hope your day is happy!


livingpalm said...

Phaedra...i think i've fallen into book lust looking at the TOWER OF BOOKS you got (i keep scrolling back up to that luscious photo and sneaking more peeks). yippppeeeeee........

SoS 1:4 said...

This post made me smile inside and out. I loved seeing how much you are loved through the thoughtful cards and gifts you received. You are one of God's treasures. Just one glance from your eyes has captured His heart. It's so obvious!

ceciliabrie said...

We used to have one of the "crazy pod/blossom" plants by our driveway in NC (you must imagine a gravel drive down the side of a ridge into a holler). My mom called it either "hearts-a-bustin" or "hearts-a-bleedin". I still think of it and have tried to find one somewhere else, but i don't think i've seen them outside of NC.

ceciliabrie said...

here it is: http://www.sunlightgardens.com/pages/1089.html