From the Studio/Porch

I am working on some big wooden panels this week. It is so much fun to work big again! The weather has been really beautiful, so I am working on my porch. It has been great to have such terrific light, and lots of fresh air. The windows in my studio are painted shut, so until we get them open I am trying to work outside when I can.  Here are a few in process shots:

3X8 ft. panels - I brought these home in my Vibe! 

Sometimes the most gorgeous things happen by accident

The red is a base layer for gold leaf 

After the first day - base layers 

 I have been working wet on wet to get lovely drips and bleeds 

At the end of day four 

Text in the center

Text along the sides

Today I am applying gold leaf over the red, as long as the wind stays calm that is. On Friday I will have pictures of the finished pieces for you. I can't wait to see how they turn out! I love that not matter how much I plan, the end result is always a surprise for me as well. 


Meagneato said...

I love, love, LOVE this! I have wanted to do something similar to this on big sheets of wood with drippy wet paints. :)

livingpalm said...