Panels Part Two: Completion!

Well, after a rather lengthy delay, here is "part two" of the images from the large panels project . Thank you to All Saints Church for allowing me to do these wonderful pieces. Thank you North Carolina for a few weeks of perfect spring weather that allowed me to work on my porch. And thank you house for having such a great porch for me to work on!

After the first day of applying gold leaf -- one panel down. 

It took 250 sheets of gold leaf to cover both panels. 

I love the dark red paint peeking through the gold leaf; this stuff has such gorgeous texture. 

After the second day both panels have most of the leaf applied; still pieces to apply in the center to make the transition from gold to color more gradual. 

From the street--so shiny! 

Finished and in their new home: All Saints Church, Durham, NC.

After we delivered the panels we celebrated with Tacos from a red school bus! Check out the size of that grilled green onion. 

Easter Morning!

It was so amazing to get to work this large again. My brain is spinning with all kinds of ideas for large art works. Now I just need homes for them all. Anyone have a huge raftered ceiling that needs a hanging installation? Anyone have grant money for me to make it with? :) I dream of 50-foot ceilings and unlimited budgets. 


sam said...

well done phaedra... those panels are lovely! although i hardly ever get to, i really love working with gold leaf. it seems so regal. cheers! sam

Deana said...

Your spirit and art are a spring of delight! Warmth and beauty to you, sister!

Deana Vassar
Wake Forest