New work and a Cupcake.

Interlacers (cellular series: 4)
Encaustic on wood panel, red thread, 5x17

Here are two finished pieces from my current cellular series. I just returned from NYC where I was filled up by all the amazing art I got to see. I'm excited to see how this affects the next pieces in the series. I did eight new drawings on the plane ride home; so I know something is certainly cooking in this brain of mine. I love the long and skinny format of the piece above. I have thirty cedar boards this size. My inclination is to make a whole bunch of pieces like this. I'd like to hang them as one big installation, sort of like a ladder of images. This one underneath has given me fits from the start. I'm actually quite glad to be finally done with it. It's not my favorite but I learned a lot while I was doing it and I'm ready to move on.

Collectors (cellular series: 3)
Encuastic on wood panel, 8x10

I also ate this gluten-free cupcake that was so good it almost made me cry. Really, tears formed in my eyes. 

Coming soon: More NYC pics, including a whole slew of images from our mad dash through the Met; the launch of my Etsy shop; and a fun announcement. 


sam said...

mm cupcake. and the pieces are lovely. someday i'll have to visit and learn how one plays with wax.

Michele said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new cellular series! Go PJ Go!