Studio 3-103

Guess what? I moved. I am now a proud resident of Golden Belt Building 3: the Artist Studios. I moved in last week and spent days painting over a very dark fuchsia to get the walls bright and white. I'm having a great time working away in my new space this week. It's amazing how much more productive I am when I can't get distracted by laundry, cooking, plants to water, and other various and sundry chores.

I'm really excited about this chance to expand my creative pursuits to include teaching adult classes, doing more elaborate projects in my kids classes, and making bigger art! The building is open to the public each week day from 10-7 and weekends from 10-5. Come by and visit me and the other 40 artists working here. I'd love to see you!

 The Golden Belt building opened in 1900 as a textile manufacturing company. I'm so glad it's been renovated and is being used. It's beautiful and it would have been a tragedy if someone had torn it down to build apartments or something depressingly worse. 

Can you believe this color? Two coats of primer and another of white paint to cover it!

It feel so much bigger now that the walls are white. Even with all my stuff in here I feel like I could teach a whole class without having to move a thing. It's great to have some space to welcome people into the studio with me. 

 All moved in! Photos of stuff I worked on this week coming soon. 

My first event is the 3rd friday Open Studio on November 19th and the Durham Holiday Art Walk on the 20th and 21st. That whole weekend I'll be selling art and other things that make wonderful holiday gifts. I'll also be selling prints of my watercolor series for the first time. I'll have block prints for sale that I haven't printed in a while as well as ornaments, new encaustic works, and other things I'll be making over the next few weeks. Most of the artists will be here in their studios, so it will be a great time to come visit and see all that is being made in this creative space. Spread the word!


Terri Fisher said...

What a wonderful art-making space!! I'm very happy for you Phaedra. God bless your creativity.

Joshua Banner said...

SOOOOO EXCITED for you! that looks like a life-giving...inspiring move. May all the artsy fairies by flying all around that space.

sam said...

this place is beautiful. can't wait to see what you make here!

Ahnalog said...
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ahna phillips said...

Yay! I hope to get to see it (and you!) live and in-person one of these days. So glad you have a great space for your work.