Bill Woodrow and Sidonie Villere

Rack - 2000
Canvas, wax, bronze, gold leaf, wire, glass. 
63 x 15 x 15 cm

I am incubating a new series. Part of my process is to look at a lot of images from other artists with similar aesthetics, or who are working in similar materials. I have been envisioning pieces in wax and gold leaf, with line drawing and string embedded. I am curious to see what actually comes from all this ruminating. In the mean time here are some images of work from two artists who are inspiring me:

Bill Woodrow is a british sculptor, printmaker, and drawer. His pieces remind me quite a  bit of the work of my friend Shannon. Her interest of honey comb shapes, books, sticks, and all things bee, line right up with these beautiful pieces.

Cell - 1997
Steel, wood, fabric, wire, wax, glass, paint. 
260 x 216 x 155 cm

Honey Flower - 1997
Bronze, paint. 
94 x 44 x 20 cm

Closed Book - 2005
Mixed Media
165 x 67 x 64 cm

Open Book - 2005
Bronze, paint. 
160 x 73 x 79 cm

Winged Box 2 - 1998
Wood, wax, steel, canvas. 
86 x 60 x 40 cm

Sidonie Villere lives and works in New Orleans. She also teaches, curates, and is involved in some large sculpture projects. I love her use of texture and space, and her quiet palette.  

Untitled Triptych
Acrylic, gauze, wax, plaster, liquid gold, leaf, string, nails on plywood.
25 x 36 x 2 "

Mixed Media
41 x 30 x 2 "

Mixed Media
42 x 61 x 2 "

Acrylic, gauze, nails, wax, oil, pencil, war, paper, mirror, wire, muslin on plywood. 
24 x 24 x 3 "

Gauze, metal wire, canvas, wax, oil, liquid gold on gesso board. 
18 x 24 x 2 "

Be inspired, friends!

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shannon newby said...

wow. I can scarcely take it all in! So so beautiful.