Home Residency: Day 1

While David is in Michigan taking a class at Calvin College I decided to give myself a little home residency. I am taking a week to concentrate on learning some new things about encaustic painting.  I also want to be filling my head and eyes with inspiring things each day.

To get ready I re-designed my studio space, making it larger and more efficient.  The first day working in the new space proved that just  a little more space really makes a lot of difference. It's so nice to have a wax table, a cutting table, a drawing table, and a computer desk! Before this week I was balancing my computer on two biology textbooks, an atlas, and a big book of birds!

I hope this concentrated time will give me a great kick start into some new pieces. I am going to post pictures of each day's events and activities. Here are some from yesterday:

New tables and clean surfaces! 

A.M. Table

P.M. Table

Playing with drips and color

Today I am off to the Museum of Art in Raleigh to soak up the collection and check out their newly renovated space. I'm also going to the art store for some more gold oil pastel! More tomorrow!


Paper&Pearls said...

I am loving this... can't wait to see your new pieces. A home residency is JUST the right thing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Phaedra! I'm trying to get in touch with you. Have left an email but no response regarding art classes for my daughter Audrey and her sister. You might remember Audrey from NCMA this summer. Anyway, please check your email from kkandjohn. thanks.