Friday in the Studio

Friday is my studio day. It is the only day I have to spent entirely working on art, and I am trying to be militant about protecting it. I had a great time last Friday because I had just rearranged and reorganized my space. I love a fresh and clean space to work in! I am working on a new encaustic that is a wedding gift for some friends who got married last fall. Here are a few shots from Friday:

Starting my inspiration page in my sketchbook

The Beginning

Trying something new on a second layer

At the end of the day ... not finished yet!

I am also working on an encaustic piece for Lent. It is still in the incubation stage, but I am excited about the ideas that are tumbling around in my head. I am thinking on the text from some Lenten Hymns; using purples, violet-golds, and red-violets; and looking at a small collection of nails I have from the 1900's.

Lenten inspiration on my cork board


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