Susie MacMurry and Olivia Jeffries

Argus - Made with peacock feathers

I am having a rather slow start to my studio day this week. This morning I got distracted by, of all things, my bible study! Who knew you could get so lost in Judges chapter eight and nine? Well I did, and now my head is full of all kinds of crazy old testament goings on.

Now I am trying to bend my brain back into the pieces I am working on, which have absolutely nothing to do with ephods, brambles, or millstones.  Although those things together might make an interesting piece all on their own. Hmm, I'll just file that away for another day.

So, without further distraction, here are some artists that inspire me, may they inspire you also:

Susie MacMurry's work was sent me almost two years ago by my friend Kate Van Dyke. I continue to look at her pieces when I am in need of something visually interesting. I love her use of materials, and how very ethereal all her work is. The portfolio on her website is only updated to 2008. I so hope she is still making work!


Echo (detail) - Yes! These are hair nets.


Shell (detail) - Velvet filled mussel shells - Why did I not think of this?

Gauze Bandage - Can you believe this is a drawing? Gorgeous. 

Olivia Jeffries is another artists whose drawings I have been enjoying. She draws on pages from old books, how could I not love it! The way she keeps thing so simple makes her drawings wonderfully mysterious. I think I would use the word ethereal for her work also. In a world so over-stimulated, I love looking at quiet whispers of things. 

Something so Utterly Sublime

My Secret Self/At Rest

Everyone Wants a Piece of You When You're Pretty

Surely I Don't Exist if You Can't See Me


Enjoy these two talented ladies. I smell my melted wax, so I am off to tackle my own creations. Have a happy Friday!


livingpalm said...

Oh my goodness, gracious I LOVE Olivia Jeffries drawings. Thank you for posting these and I hope you had a great day in your studio!

PhaedraJean ArtMachine said...

So glad you love Olivia Jeffries drawings. I think they are so beautiful! :)