James M. Smith


For a while I have been wanting to write a post on having a schedule. Making a schedule for myself has really helped me to accomplish artistic things each week. However, this week did not play by my schedule rules at all. So perhaps it is not the best time to go on about the benefits of my schedule keeping. Another time.

In my schedule for the spring there are two blocks of time to write on the blog. One on Friday and one on Monday. Fridays are also my studio work days, and my plan is to post a short blog about an artist, picture, or quote that has been informing my work. Just something to warm me up and get me thinking before I start working. So today, at the beginning of Friday Inspiration posts, I have James M. Smith to share with you.

Gros Ventre

I love the layering and texture he achieves in a way that looks effortless. Can't you imagine him just sticking these pieces of fabric and paper on top of each other at random? I know it took much thought, but I so enjoy its feeling of spontaneity.  I am trying to learn from him about using color in the midst of a mostly neutral palette, and including texture while retaining simplicity. I really like texture and I tend to either go over-board, or not include it at all.

Green River-R

I also am drawn to how abstract these are; it encourages me as I try to move in that direction with my own work. I am having trouble navigating the question, "What is it about?", as I try to make things that are more visceral and intuitive.  I want to practice making things from my gut, but when I know that people are going to ask me that question, I get distracted trying to answer it. In that distracted place I am tempted to give them something more representational to hang on to. These are so beautiful that it encourages me to keep trying.


My wax is now melted in my crock pot, my is desk clean, and I am off to give some of these ideas a try. Happy Friday! 


shannon newby said...

Wow - this work is gorgeous! Thanks for introducing me to this artist's work. :)

PhaedraJean ArtMachine said...

Glad you liked it Shannon, it is totally up your alley. See you in just a few days!